Review: Frank Ocean Transmits Intimacy on a Grand Scale (New York Times)

Photo: New York Times

Photo: New York Times

Frank Ocean received a glowing write-up on The New York Times following his Panorama Music Festival performance on July 28th, 2017. The review was written by Jon Caramanica, who wrote the feature Frank Ocean Is Finally Free, Mystery Intact shortly after the release of Endless and Blonde last November.

There were times Friday night when Frank Ocean was on stage kneeling or squatting, meaning that to the overwhelming majority of the many thousands of fans watching him on the grass on Randalls Island, he became a speck, if that. During these stretches, though, on the huge screen behind him, he was often shown in full, his hunched figure taking up almost the whole view — a man in contemplative pose, a man curling into himself for protection, a man trapped in a box.

It was an elegant addressing of the needs of a performer who wanted to make himself small, but understood how important it was to make sure everyone saw him like that.

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