An extended cut of the "Nikes" video exists


According to DoBeDo, an extended cut of Tyrone Lebon's "Nikes" visuals exists and was shown during a film club in London. Being that this particular cut of the video is credited as Frank Ocean Nikes: Extended Japanese edit for Reely and Truly, it's possible that this was intended for the version of the track found on the Boys Don't Cry version of the CD which features Japanese rapper KOHH.

According to a program for the Reely 'n' Truly event this month, the cut was made exclusively for the event.

The next instalment of Reely 'n' Truly film club is being held this Friday 30th September 2016 at The Good Temple for Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG.


Tyrone Lebon - Frank Ocean Nikes: Extended Japanese edit for Reely and Truly

Reely and Truly Film Club
DATE: 30th September 2016, 7.00-10.00pm
LOCATION: The Good Temple of Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG, free entry

About Reely 'n' Truly, for which Tyrone Lebon is the creative director:

The Reely 'n' Truly Film Club is a quarterly film night run by the team behind DoBeDo Productions.

In the early '80s renowned photographer Mark Lebon launched ‘Reely’, a long running and influential London film night and club. In 2009 DoBeDo resurrect the night as ‘Reely and Truly’.

Normally held on a Sunday, and different venues, it features a programme of short films curated by DoBeDo – featuring the work of both young filmmakers and some of the original ‘Reely’ contributors. Entrance is free and all entrants will receive a printed programme with info about all the films.

The extended cut has yet to appear online, but you can watch the official cut below.