Auntie Fee has passed away

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Felicia "Auntie Fee" O'Dell has passed away. Frank's mother, Katonya Breaux shares her sorrow for her family's loss on Instagram.

God. I'm going to miss you so much Auntie Fee. Our family needs strength right now. Prayers.

She posted once more, days later, sharing a photo of herself, O'Dell, and others.

The extent of Frank's relationship with Auntie Fee isn't entirely known. Fee has said in the past that he's a blood relative, but that remains to be verified. Still, it's evident she is close with the Breaux family and she has appeared in some of Frank's recent work.

In Boys Don't Cry, there's an interview with her wherein she's asked about Frank.

When was the last time you saw Frank?

Let me tell you the last time I saw him. He always had a habit of running out of gas and he runs out of gas at 2:30 in the morning on the Santa Monica freeway, ok? He calls about 10 people to come get him and nobody would come get him. He calls me at 2:30 in the morning. I say, โ€˜Okay, not a problem.โ€™ I get up out of my bed, get my AAA, get him off the freeway, get him to the nearest gas station, put gas in his car and give him $20. I never seen him since. Except one time.โ€

โ€˜Do you have a computer?โ€™

Motherfucker, do I have a computer? What about โ€˜Hello Auntieโ€™? What the fuck is wrong with you!

It's commonly said that Fee was the one who recorded the "Be Yourself" skit on Blonde. That is not true. The skit was recorded by Rosie Watson, the mother of his childhood friend Jonathan. She too was featured in Boy's Don't Cry.

In June of 2015, a video appeared on Auntie Fee's channel. Frank was in attendance of a birthday party for the YouTube cook. You can watch that below.