blonded 007

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The final episode of blonded aired tonight after being delayed from its initial slot on August 21, the 1 year anniversary of Blonde.

In the episode, Frank waxed poetic about Blonde's anniversary, a live mix of Frank's Steve Monite "Only You" cover was played, a short Frank rap over 2 Chainz' "Rolls Royce Bitch" was aired, and then a new single called "Provider" played on repeat for the remainder of the show. 

Several versions of "Provider" were played with minor differences in mix. A lyric video was posted on which featured Tom Sachs building a custom boombox which was then used to play the song. 

You can watch the video and find the full tracklist for the episode in the Archive.

Listen to blonded 007 on demand at Apple Music or check out the official playlists on Apple Music or Spotify.

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