Blonded and PrEP+ branded merch and vinyl drop


In a surprise merch drop following Frank Ocean’s premiere PrEP+ party on Thursday, the artist is releasing two of the tracks he premiered there on vinyl. The new songs are called “Cayendo” and “Dear April.” Each has a side A and B with a studio mix and a remix on respective sides.

The Sango Remix of “Cayendo” was played on episode 008 of blonded Radio. The records can be purchased on

Also in the drop are four shirt designs for both PrEP+ and blonded brands. Each shirt has a black and white variant.

Watch two snippets of the singles played live at PrEP+ shot by Frank’s team below.

Product Price Shipping Estimates
Cayendo 7" Vinyl $15 8-12 weeks
Dear April 7" Vinyl $15 8-12 weeks
PrEP+ T-shirt - White/Blue $60 2-3 weeks
PrEP+ T-shirt - Black/Blue $60 2-3 weeks
logo T-shirt - White/Pink $75 2-3 weeks
logo T-shirt - Black $75 2-3 weeks

The website also got a new banner which reads, “Look at us, we’re in love.”