Boys Don't Cry reissued for limited sale


Boys Don’t Cry saw a limited time sale on Oscar Night 2019 on Frank Ocean’s official website, marking the 2 year anniversary of blonded radio.

The magazine, which was originally released in conjunction with Blonde in August of 2016 was made available online just once prior during a 2017 Black Friday sale.

In addition to the magazine, posters were made available as well to commemorate blonded Radio. The inscription on the back side of the poster reads as follows:

Thanks to all the heads who tuned in to our show. Blonded is about the friendship between feelings, noise, and conversation. Don’t hold your breath for anything in life and live it. For you feel the world around you and see it with more than your eyeballs. If you can’t see anymore than that right now, keep sending out a positive charge everywhere, loud and wide as possible and so will we. Love you.

Product Price Shipping Estimates Photos
Boys Don't Cry (Re-issue) $80 2-3 Days Below
Blonded Radio Double Sided Poster $30 2-3 Days Below

The magazine stock started around 5500, supplemented by an estimated additional 5100 after the sale began. The magazines sold out twice in less than 24 hours.