"Chanel" is the Genius community's #2 song of 2017


Frank's lead blonded single "Chanel" has been ranking in the top spots across the web's most reputable hip-hop resources and the Genius community agrees that it's a killer track that deserves to be remembered.

“My guy pretty like a girl”—the words burst in on the surprise release of the Frank Ocean’s first track of 2017. Just months after he broke a four-year hiatus with Endless and Blonde, Ocean released one of the best tracks of his career. A steady low-fi beat gives him the free reign to demonstrate his lyrical and vocal prowess as he glides seamlessly between half-rapping and singing. An affirmance of his refusal to let sexuality be pinned down and examined, “Chanel” is both carefree and intricate, adding a few more threads to the enigma that is Frank Ocean. — Dominic Salzedo

Also on the list of 50 best tracks are "RAF" by A$AP Mob (#47) and "Slide" by Calvin Harris (#9), both heavily featuring Frank.