Dissect podcast announces Frank-focused third season

The Dissect podcast is a serial show dedicated to breaking down the influences of one particular record each season. It was announced today that the third season would be centered around two of Frank Ocean's records, Channel Orange and Blonde.

There will be a six episode mini-series on Frank's debut LP and a full season on Blonde to follow.

In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, host Cole Cuchna explains why he chose to examine Frank's two of Frank's latest LPs:

Selecting who to dissect is always a difficult decision as I end up spending six to eight months of my life dedicated to their work. With Frank, there was a number of reasons. First, his music is beautiful and thoughtful and authentic and full of sonic depth. Specifically, Blonde was like a Radiohead Kid A moment for me. Here’s this artist with a massive commercial yet artistically pure album in channel ORANGE,and he follows it with a highly experimental, nuanced, and in many ways challenging album in Blonde. I have a soft spot for artists who use their platform to challenge and progress the art form, not rest on the success they’ve had in the past. Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean have all done that, and we absolutely need these types of artists in the world, especially when they have such a massive reach. They have the opportunity to rapidly accelerate the evolution of music and culture, and they’re doing just that.

Frank Ocean was also by far the most requested artist by current Dissect listeners. And the passion they have for his music is pretty incredible. That was definitely a consideration, too.

The latest season will debut in partnership with Spotify tomorrow, May 15th.