Frank Ocean at Flow Festival - Helsinki, Finland (8/13/2017)

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Frank Ocean ended his festival run in Helsinki, Finland at the Flow Festival there he performed once more with a full orchestra and Rex Orange County in his band. /u/nymetz86 conducted a roundup of video posts related to the fest here. Spike Jonze recorded video on site.

Setlist via

  1. Pretty Sweet (played from recording)

  2. Solo

  3. Chanel (played twice)

  4. Lens

  5. Biking (Solo)

  6. Hublots

  7. Comme des Garçons

  8. Forrest Gump

  9. Good Guy (featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  10. Self Control ("poolside convo" intro, featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  11. Wither (featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  12. Close to You (featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  13. Never Can Say Goodbye (Jackson 5 cover, featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  14. Ivy (featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  15. Pink + White (featuring orchestral accompaniment)

  16. Nights

  17. Thinkin' Bout You

  18. Pyramids

  19. Futura Free

  20. Nikes

From NME's review:

When Frank finally took to the stage, he continued the trend of the tour by performing from a remote platform in the audience rather than on the front stage, to the disappointment of some who struggled to get a good view of the musician. However, with his live VCR feed visuals occupying the screens onstage, and a live orchestra performing behind him, the artist ensured the audience had plenty to watch during his engaging and sincere performance.

“This whole performing shit is new to me so I apologise if I mess up the timings… I just get really nervous,” he told the crowd. But despite his nerves, the singer appeared to have grown in confidence since his Lovebox show earlier in the summer, which received mixed reviews. As it was his final show, Ocean appeared relieved: “Hey, I can say whatever I want now!”

With vocals hitting every note with perfect clarity, the musician seemed to be getting to what he had wanted to say earlier in the summer – confidence helped him reach it.

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