Frank Ocean grabs 4 spots in Complex list of 2017's best songs


Complex dropped their Best Songs of 2017 list today. Of the 50 tracks that make up the list, Frank grabbed 3 slots for himself and shared one more as a featured artist. Here's the countdown through a filter of Frank.

#30 - "Provider"

Album: N/A
Producer: Jarami, Caleb Laven, Vegyn

Are Frank Ocean’s 2017 loosies the best album of 2017? A case could be made. He casually dropped this banger on his Blonded Radio show on Beats 1, instantly creating a debate on which of the loosies were better than the others. Frank gave us bars on all of them. “Provider” is so smooth. The type of song to run back a million times while floating down a highway on a pleasant summer night. It sounds like the flick of a lighter getting ready to turn on an after work joint. So roll up and put this song on repeat. —Angel Diaz

#14 - "Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)" by Calvin Harris

Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1
Producer: Calvin Harris

In case you haven’t noticed, Calvin Harris spent a good part of 2017 trying to craft the perfect summer anthem. While the jury’s still out on which one of his jams will stand the test of time, it definitely felt like a wrap once the Frank Ocean and Migos-assisted “Slide” dropped. From the Random Access Memories-esque Daft Punk production to Frank’s hook to Offset’s coasting over the track, this feels like the turnt beach party of your dreams, sun up to sundown. —khal

#10 - "Biking (Solo)"

Album: N/A
Producer: Caleb Laven, Jarami, Frank Dukes

When Frank Ocean first released "Biking," it came with head-turning verses from Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator. By the end of a year defined by, in part, when Frank decided to drop a loosie that made us, in turn, drop everything (and, it should be mentioned, never be disappointed by that decision), it's the version without any guests that keeps our attention. "Biking (Solo)" is an achingly beautiful song, a universe that's better occupied by only one, and the wrenching shouts that Frank deploys at the end of its runtime hit all the harder now. —Brendan Klinkenberg

#4 - "Chanel"

Album: N/A
Producer: Frank Dukes, Michael Uzowuru & Jarami

The first solo offering since Frank Ocean’s 2016 double-header of Blonde and Endless, “Chanel” was a song we never expected to get. In the wake of his long-anticipated sophomore efforts, it seemed plausible—likely, even—that he would fade into the ether, content to race cars or build staircases, and never release a song again. So his appearance on Blonded Radio, and the unexpected airing of a new song, came with some relief—Frank Ocean is going to keep making music, after all. That relief quickly gave way to something closer to awe, though, when you realized just how good “Chanel” is. It’s a short story contained in a song with a first line to match, one of Ocean’s most aching pieces of music—and he’s made a lot of those—that just doesn’t quit; no matter how many times you insist on playing it, it never loses is novelty. This year, Frank Ocean proved you can make songs that are better than albums. —Brendan Klinkenberg