Frank Ocean releases "In My Room"

At around 2AM EST, a new Frank Ocean song called “In My Room” appeared exclusively on Apple Music. After its availability waffled several times over the next few hours, it remained playable on the streaming service. “In My Room” appeared on other streaming services during the afternoon.

The release of this track bucks the trends of the past few years where new songs are debuted on the artist’s Beats 1 Radio program, blonded Radio, then released to the public on all platforms after. This has led some to believe the release was premature.

We not that the artwork for “In My Room” is similar to that of the previous single, “DHL,” in format. On this new release, however, the silhouette icons have increased from 13 to 17. On the "In My Room" artwork, the icon for "DHL" has moved to the top of the order and 4 new ones have been added.

The track was written and produced by Frank Ocean and Michael Uzowuru with drum programming by Sango.

The artwork for the single was designed by Michel Egger who has previously worked with Frank on layout and cover design for Blonde, Endless, and “Provider.” The PrEP+ style lettering was done by Nejc Prah.

A lyric video for the track can be seen below.