Frank Ocean releases music video for "Novacane"

Australian director Nabil Elderkin took the lead on this trippy new music video for Nostalgia, ULTRA's lead single "Novacane."


Director: Nabil Elderkin
Director of Photography: Josh Reis
Post-Production / VFX: Gustavo
Editing: Isaac Hagy
Label: Def Jam
Produced by: Kathleen Heffernan
Coloring: Brandon Chavez

UPDATE 11/9/12: Frank and Nabil received the 'Best International Urban Video' award at the 2012 UK Music Video Awards for "Novacane."

UPDATE 9/3/15: In an interview with Complex, Elderkin discussed how the video was made.

“I’ve been shooting most of [Frank Ocean's] photos and videos. ‘Novacane’ was our first video. ‘Novacane’ was a pretty cool video that we worked on, we did it for no money, it was off his mixtape and we shot it in my producer’s bedroom. We did it for like $4,000 or $5,000, just pulled favors, it was real like DIY. Then he blew up and we did ‘Pyramids,’ which had a little bit bigger of a budget.”