Frank performs private rooftop July 4th show


Frank performed a set to a private crowd on a rooftop in Greenpoint, NYC at 67 West St.

Over the course of the evening, several crew members and friends of Frank's were posting pictures and videos from the rooftop. No video of the performance has yet been seen.

After the show took place, a member of r/FrankOcean made their way to the roof and found the setlist for the show on an empty stage. After returning once more later, the stage was removed.


  1. Pretty Sweet
  2. Solo
  3. Chanel
  4. Lens
  5. Biking
  6. Hublots (Transition)
  7. Commes Des Garçons
  8. Running Around (Transition)
  9. Good Guy
  10. Poolside Convo
  11. Self Control
  12. Wither
  13. Close To You
  14. Higgs
  15. Thinking About You
  16. Thinking About You J5
  17. Nights
  18. Pink + White
  19. Pyramids
  20. Futura Free
  21. At Your Best (crossed out)
  22. Nikes

Video and images archived by Mónaco Sheikh.