Lonny Breaux wrote two songs for Brandy's 'Human'

Brandy Human Frank Ocean 1st and Love - Locket (Locked In Love)

Brandy's new album Human has been released and the album credits two tracks to Lonny Breaux. "1st & Love" is the 14th song on Human and "Locket (Locked in Love)" is available on the deluxe edition.

"1st & Love" was co-written by Chauncey Hollis (Hit-Boy), Rich King, Jesse Woodard (Chase N. Cashe), and Breaux. It was produced by Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe of the Surf Club.

"Locket (Locked in Love)" was co-written by Rich King, Brian Kennedy (Brian Seals), and Breaux. It was produced by Brian Kennedy.

Listen to both tracks below.