Playboi Carti worked on 5 new songs with Frank Ocean

Playboi Carti stopped by The Cruz Show today at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles to discuss his new album Die Lit. Midway through the interview, he was asked about his working relationship with Frank Ocean where he revealed that he had recently worked with Frank on five new tracks in New York.

Said Carti around the 4:53 mark in the video above:

Frank Ocean, he’s the GOAT. Working with him, you know... last time I worked with him it was in New York about a month ago… Man, we did like five songs and, you know, it’s Frank so he move how he move.

Knowing what we do about Frank's process, it's not likely that we'll get to hear all five of those records, not unlike the rumored collaborations between the two we've heard in the past.