PrEP+ club night 3 hosted at BASEMENT - NYC, NY


PrEP+ continues at Knockdown Center’s BASEMENT tomorrow, this time hosted by Arca. Joey Labeija, Vegyn, Last Japan, and DJ Heather are set to perform at the third event under the PrEP+ name.

The event is 21+ with tickets in limited supply, publicly available at, but limited by access code.

Frank Ocean dressed as Sweet Tooth


21+ NYC 10/31 🎃

Known RSVP codes: lookatuswereinlove, plzm@keitru1ns, last-japan5058, Arca20051999, joeylabe1j@, lastj@panprep39324

During the ticket drop, an updated poster replaced the original. This one warning party-goers that “costume weapons are still weapons.”

At the party, Frank arrived dressed as Sweet Tooth from the video game series Twisted Metal. He and Arca took to the booth to debut a new track that appears to feature Skepta. A video can be seen below.

Update 11/03/19: The track featuring Skepta is called “Little Demon.” A vinyl single is being printed with a studio version on side A and a remix by Arca on side B.

The PrEP+ posters feature lettering by Nejc Prah. Photography by Michael Marcelle. The model for this event’s poster is Joël Kurasinski.