Rest In Peace, Everest


Frank's dog Everest passed away today at the young age of 6. Everest was diagnosed with cancer in March and treated shortly after. Unfortunately, the cancer returned. He was cared for and loved by Frank's mother Katonya and brother Ryan who both memorialized the pup on Instagram.

From Frank's Tumblr:

RIP Everest

Katonya explains what happened on Instagram.

Who would've known that I would have fallen so crazy in love with this beautiful creature? Everest was diagnosed with cancer six weeks ago and my heart has been crushed. He was in so much discomfort as the tumor was the size of a small lemon behind his eye. My son decided that we should take him to an oncologist and the treatment made the tumor all but disappear and our lovable dog was feeling great. Until the cancer metastasized to his lungs... the last few days have been so hard for him and for us. I know that we will have to let him go. As difficult as this decision will be, we can't allow him to be in this pain. We will take loving care to make sure he's home with us, his little family, surrounded by love as he falls off to sleep and our hearts collectively break. You'd have to have had, and have loved a pet to understand this pain..💔💔#lovingeverest #lettinggo