Taco interviewed by Wine & Bowties

Taco Wine and Bowties

Travis "Taco" Bennett was profiled by Wine & Bowties, a San-Francisco-based blog.

In the interview, Taco expounds upon his aspirations for 2018 and his solo work, which he's working on concurrently with his tour opening for Tyler, The Creator. When pressed on his process for making music, Taco revealed who his closest supporters are:

With all the things you are trying to do and finding your niche, what have been your influences? Or who?

Tyler, Syd & Frank. That’s what I grew up with.

Wow. Do you send them your stuff or are you nervous?

I send it. I haven’t sent anything to Frank, in all honesty. I’m in the beginning stages. Nothing is mixed and mastered yet. He’s a perfectionist. I sent him a voice memo one time and he was like, “It sounds like a bitch humming,” and I was like, “Okay.”