Yung Lean talks about working with Frank Ocean


In a new interview spot with MTV News, Yung Lean (Jonatan Leandoer HÃ¥stad) dishes the goodness on his collaboration with Frank Ocean on Blonde. According to the video, Lean contributed to "Godspeed" where he has formerly been credited as a contributor on "Self Control."

Here's the transcript:

At 21, Lean is artistically maturing past the morality and Internet aesthetics that color the beginning of his career. One of the people that saw Lean's potential, even when he was still a teenager, was Frank Ocean. A call from the R&B singer led to collaborations on Ocean's critically acclaimed album, 2016's Blonde.

"Frank Ocean called me when I was in Stockholm when I was like 17. I was buying drugs and on a subway station and Frank Ocean called me. I was very very surprised. He was like 'Hello Yung Lean, you know this is?' No who's this? 'Frank Ocean. I would love to have you come over to London and record with me.' Like shit, he's a super nice guy, very friendly character. Our times' Frank Sinatra or something. [He] could be our times Michael Jackson. We had dinner. We had Indian spicy dinner and watched the The Dictator. Me, Mike Dean, and Frank Ocean. I was drinking lean and smoking weed and recording. I was suppose... I was singing on this part with me and Kid Cudi and Frank was telling me to like... Cuz I had like the super raspy voice and was drinking lean and he's like 'yes keep on singing like that Jonatan, that's perfect that's perfect.'

Watch the full video below.