Yung Lean talks about working with Frank Ocean


In a new interview spot with MTV News, Yung Lean (Jonatan Leandoer Håstad) dishes the goodness on his collaboration with Frank Ocean on Blonde. According to the video, Lean contributed to "Godspeed" where he has formerly been credited as a contributor on "Self Control."

Here's the transcript:

At 21, Lean is artistically maturing past the morality and Internet aesthetics that color the beginning of his career. One of the people that saw Lean's potential, even when he was still a teenager, was Frank Ocean. A call from the R&B singer led to collaborations on Ocean's critically acclaimed album, 2016's Blonde.

"Frank Ocean called me when I was in Stockholm when I was like 17. I was buying drugs and on a subway station and Frank Ocean called me. I was very very surprised. He was like 'Hello Yung Lean, you know this is?' No who's this? 'Frank Ocean. I would love to have you come over to London and record with me.' Like shit, he's a super nice guy, very friendly character. Our times' Frank Sinatra or something. [He] could be our times Michael Jackson. We had dinner. We had Indian spicy dinner and watched the The Dictator. Me, Mike Dean, and Frank Ocean. I was drinking lean and smoking weed and recording. I was suppose... I was singing on this part with me and Kid Cudi and Frank was telling me to like... Cuz I had like the super raspy voice and was drinking lean and he's like 'yes keep on singing like that Jonatan, that's perfect that's perfect.'

Watch the full video below.