Photo:  Michael J. Spear/Classfare

Photo: Michael J. Spear/Classfare

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Buddy Ross

Real Name: Josiah Sherman
Hometown: Kelso, WA
Associated projects: JoPsycho, Motopony, The Listening


Buddy Ross has been playing music for his whole life. Growing up in Kelso, WA didn't offer many opportunities for hobbies, but he took to music, using the keyboard he received as a gift from his father to begin making beats in high school. Around this time he was in a local band called The Listening. This project was short-lived and ended when he moved to Seattle.

There, he met Daniel from Motopony and began to play with them. He was in this band for three years. It was thanks to his association with this band that Buddy Ross came into contact with Frank Ocean. After an opportunity came up to submit an audition tape, Buddy became Frank's keyboardist. This was 2012.

After touring for the better part of a year with Frank, he spent time in the studio working on early portions of what would become Blonde. Ross is credited for "Mine," "U-N-I-T-Y," "Commes Des Garcons," "Slide on Me," "Sideways," and "Florida" on Endless and "Nights," "Pretty Sweet," "Close To You," and "White Ferrari" on Blonde. His song "Running Around" is used as the instrumental bed for "Be Yourself," "Facebook Story," and the interview outro of "Futura Free."

In 2016, Buddy composed the musical bed for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announcement video. He has worked as a producer on albums by Mereki and played keys on records by Kelly Clarkson, HAIM, and The Dandy Warhols.

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