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Frank Ocean is a visual guy. Both his stage performances and music videos are intentionally evocative. Since his solo career began, Frank has made a number of official music videos and television performances, each unique in their composition and presentation.

Music Videos

Provider, 2017

Dir. Tom Sachs

Provider opens on Sachs as he deconstructs a boombox and makes something more cool. The rest plays out as the tape rolls.

Tom Sachs is a New York based artist who has collaborated with Frank Ocean on a number of projects including Endless. Tom's work could be seen in Frank's set design during his 2017 Blonded festival run. Frank can also be seen in Tom's NIKECraft film The Hero's Journey.

For more information about Tom and Frank's collaborations, check out this interview on Pitchfork.

Biking, 2017

Teaser video for the single featuring an alternate instrumental.

Nikes, 2016

Dir.  Tyrone Lebon

(alternate version)

Lost, 2014

Dir. Francisco Soriano

You're Not Dead Visuals, 2013

Dir. Francisco Soriano

Forrest Gump Grammy Visuals, 2013

On February 10, 2013, Frank Ocean performed at the 55th Grammy Awards. The song selection was "Forrest Gump," which was paired with a multi-paneled video display that invoked the feeling of Tom Hanks long run. The culminated in a integration of live performance and recorded video.

The performance did not go as planned, with sound issues apparently the cause behind the live misfire. Those interested in what that performance would have looked like had it gone well might be interested in the rehearsal video from days before which is objectively one of his best live performances of the track to date.

Both videos can be scoped out in the TV appearances section below.

Pyramids, 2013

Dir. Nabil Elderkin

Thinkin' Bout You, 2012


Swim Good, 2012

Dir. Nabil Elderkin

Novacane, 2012

Dir. Nabil Elderkin

Channel Orange Teaser, 2012

Set to "Pyramids"

Acura Integurl, 2011

Dr. Dave Wilson


"Oldie" by Odd Future, 2012

Dir. Lance Bangs

55th Grammy Awards, 2013

"Forrest Gump"

55th Grammy Awards, 2013

"Forrest Gump" (Rehearsal)

Saturday Night Live, 2012

"Thinking About You"


Saturday Night Live, 2012

"Pyramids" (featuring John Mayer)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, 2012

"Bad Religion"

MTV VMA, 2012

"Thinking About You"