Alternate version of "Nights" leaked

A new website has emerged claiming to have possession of unheard verses to the stand-out hit of Blonde, "Nights."

According to, which lists a paltry number of unreleased tracks in comparison to existing group, they have a low-quality file that contains extra verses that were not included in the five minute track officially released. They are asking for $1000 in exchange for the file. To prove their worth to any that would partake in such an illegal transaction, they've provided a snippet which does sound legitimate.

This new group boasts several songs from major label artists like Kanye West, SZA, Shawn Mendez, Beck, and more, all listed under an incredibly crass banner photo depicting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Information about the file itself is as follows:

Filename: Frankoceannightsextended-Night.s.m4a
Size: 2.86MB

If the track is legitimate, it sounds as if these may be pre-production takes from "Nights" part one that were left on the cutting room floor after Vegyn joined in with the instrumental for part two. This snippet joins the ranks of the still unheard "Break Down" track MusicMafia leaked last August.

Update 6/7/2018: The full thing has leaked out and can be heard below. As expected, this is less an extended version than it is an early take on the song.