Welcome to 365


Since its inception, blonded.blog has been focused on building a more complete picture of Frank Ocean’s career. Up to this point, we’ve done that through a vast news archive, master lists of his albums, mixtapes, songs, and press appearances, and a complete documentation of every show he has ever played. Our readers know that, above else, we care about the facts—or as close as we can get to them in spite of Frank’s elusiveness.

We know, however, that in order to fully grasp Frank Ocean’s impact on culture, we need to hear from those within it. We need more voices.

To achieve this, we’re rolling out a new section of our site. We’ve partnered with Mayday, a fellow Frank Ocean historian who we have collaborated with silently for years on our existing projects. With our combined penchant for digging past the news and into the story of Frank’s work, we’re bringing you more long-form content like Mayday has been known to provide on their blog since 2016. Aptly, we’re calling the project 365.

To start, we’ve ported over Nicholas Barnes’ breakdown of the cars in the “Nikes” music video as well as some newly edited and reformatted posts from Mayday’s blog. There will be plenty more to follow in the coming weeks, months, and years.

We’re very excited to open up blonded.blog to more contributors with their own unique takes on Frank Ocean’s work and career. If you have an idea for a piece that would work for 365, we would love to hear it. We’re accepting new pitches here.

The latest from 365