Boys Noize talks about producing "DHL"


In two short interviews with The Fader and Complex, Alexander Ridha (aka Boys Noize) discusses crafting “DHL” with Frank Ocean during a studio session with A$AP Rocky.

From The Fader:

How did you meet Frank?

We actually met in Berlin through our friend A$AP Rocky. I was working on "Babushka Boi" at the time and Frank was there. We were all hanging out together making music, and when you're together in a room, there's things that happen that play into the creative process.

How did your collaboration with him flourish?

Everything started from the studio. I didn't have an idea that I was gonna make music with him, and I'm sure he didn't as well. But when you're together, you know. I'm not included in whatever plan Frank has in mind — I knew that he liked the song. It was a really magical time with him as well, and that means a lot.

One last question: are you hoping to make it to any of Frank Ocean's PrEP+ club nights?

We'll see, I mean, I'll be in the States for Halloween.

From Complex:

How did you and Frank first come to work together?
We met in Berlin through ASAP Rocky. I was working on the “Babushka Boi” track with Rocky, and Frank showed up. That was really nice. I think Rocky and Frank have been friends for a while, so I don’t know what they were up to at the time. I’ve been a huge fan of Frank, so it was really nice doing something together in the same room, which is part of my philosophy [as an artist].

When did you and Frank begin working on this?
I think it was the winter [of 2018]. 

Can you talk a little bit about the creative process for “DHL?” What was the energy like working in the studio with Frank? 
That’s the beautiful thing, when you are together and there’s a conversation, there’s an energy, and that’s when my favorite music is created. It’s something you can’t really express when you work remotely. There was definitely an energy there and a real creative process.

What were some of the ideas that you bounced off of each other while creating the song?
It was basically us playing around and creating something in the moment, without really getting into much details. I didn’t even think about making music at that point. We were all together and it just happened.

How did you put this song together, technically? 
The first half of the song was something that got created together. When I work on music, I think the most important part is the initial vibe you have and the ideas. When I produce music, it evolves all the time. Personally, I like to sit on music as well and add ideas. That’s something that happened to that song. You create something and then you live with it for a while and let it breathe. And obviously, we all make a lot of music so you just give it some room.

Was there a particular memory that you have from that session? 
It’s beautiful watching him, and it was a big inspiration. He’s incredible. It was really beautiful being together and seeing how he approaches music. 

Frank has previously spoken about his interest in creating a house and electronic-inspired album. Did you two discuss anything about that? 
I have no information about that.

Are you able to tell us if you're working on more music with him?
I can’t. I guess it’s going to be a big surprise. I can’t tell anything about that, I’m afraid.

Who is your favorite collaboration this year? 
I have to say Frank Ocean. I was always a huge fan of his music. It means a lot. It’s crazy, because I think back to how I started, releasing vinyl with no promotion and no marketing. Now, being able to with work someone like him, that's really incredible.