Fan-made mixtape of Lonny Breaux rarities appears online

Lonny Breaux Collection

Frank Ocean may have released his debut mixtape in February, but he's been recording tracks for a lot longer than it took to make it.

Before signing a deal with Def Jam or linking up with Odd Future, Frank was writing songs under the name Lonny Breaux. Over the years, numerous reference tracks have leaked out onto the Internet to be collected by fans.

A new mixtape, created by users at and dubbed The Lonny Breaux Collection, assembles 64 of these songs in one convenient place. Most are sung by Frank himself, others are not. All were written, at least in part, by the songwriter. 

UPDATE: Frank has responded to the tape and said the following on Tumblr:

alrite. alrite. let’s get this out in the open. the only songs that i, myself, frank ocean, have ever released are…‘pyrite’, 'acura integurl’ & of course the songs included on 'nostalgia, ultra’. all other songs are on the internet as a result of record industry email hacks/leaks that happened some years back. several of these songs i had no hand in writing. i only laid reference vox on em because i was being paid. the rest are incomplete ideas, reference songs that were sent out for placement on other artists. records that were never intended to represent me. notwithstanding, i am a chill bro. as well as a sage/zen master in training. so im not angry or anything. i just had to let it at least be known. enjoy.

The mixtape can be found at HotNewHipHop, Mixtape Monkey, or our archive.