Frank at Panorama - NYC, NY (7/28/2017)

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On July 28th, 2017, Frank played the Panorama Festival in New York City. Alex G joined the band for the show. Spike Jonze recorded video.

Setlist via

  1. Pretty Sweet (played from recording)

  2. Solo

  3. Chanel (played twice)

  4. Lens

  5. Biking (Solo)

  6. Hublots

  7. Comme des Garçons

  8. Running Around

  9. Good Guy

  10. Self Control ("poolside convo" intro)

  11. Rushes To

  12. Higgs

  13. Close to You

  14. Never Can Say Goodbye (Jackson 5 cover)

  15. Ivy (restarted)

  16. Only You (Steve Monite cover)

  17. Thinkin' Bout You

  18. Nights

  19. Pink + White

  20. Futura Free

  21. Nikes (restarted)

Buy the shirt he was wearing from the official merchandiser here. Read the New York Times review of the performance here.

UPDATE: Twitter user /u/GreatLikeGatsby put together a live album for the performance.