Vegyn talks about working with Frank for District Mag


Vegyn (Joe Thornalley) talks about making music with Frank and on his own in an interview with District Magazine.

As we’re approaching the mansion in Shankill, the location for the party, we inevitably turn to the topic of working with Frank Ocean. He says he can’t go into too much detail – there’s an air of mystery to the album that needs to be maintained. So instead of details, I ask him had he any favourite memories from the recording sessions.

“Yeah, plenty!” He replies with enthusiasm. “I’m just constantly grateful for the opportunity Frank afforded me, he took a really big risk in inviting me out, so when I got there I just wanted to try as hard as I could. I wouldn’t sleep a great deal, because I thought ’this is where I want to be, this is what I want to do, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.’” He laughs again.

“My favourite thing was definitely meeting Michael Uzowuru whilst working on ‘Endless’.” You might not recognise the name dropped here, but he’s racked up production credits on tracks for Vince Staples, Kevin Abstract, and Domo Genesis.

“Michael’s one of these guys who only makes songs better. He’s got this ability to cut through all the bullshit. It’s crazy, because Michael’s only two years older than me, but I feel like he’s got decades on me.” This age gap seem like an innocuous detail, but it puts Michael at 25 years old and Vegyn at just 23. How many critically acclaimed albums had you produced before you hit 23?