Frank Ocean covers GQ Magazine

GQ / Alasdair McLellan

GQ / Alasdair McLellan

In a letter from the magazine’s new Editor In Chief Will Welch, GQ welcomes a new era to the men’s monthly magazine. The first issue in this new world features Frank Ocean as the subject of it’s cover story.

This is what Welch had to say about it:

As you read the issue, I think you'll find that all the tools of great GQ storytelling are on display: There's deep reporting in Carrie Battan's exploration of the big, fraught business of SoundCloud rap. There's a weird, wild yarn in Alice Gregory's tale about a 30-year Italo Disco feud. There's Frank Ocean, of course. (I think history will exalt Frank Ocean. By which I mean: One day he'll be known as the best, most boundary-shattering and timeless artist of his generation. Duh.)

The interview itself, titled Frank Ocean Is Peerless, was conducted by two of the artist’s friends and Blonded Radio collaborators Emmet “Roof Access” Cruddas and Joe ”Vegyn” Thornalley. Photographs by Alasdair McLellan.

In it, Frank discusses the decision to open his Instagram account to the public, using his radio show as a platform for politics, the use of cover songs in his repertoire, moving to New York, and his skin care routine.