Frank spotted in behind the scenes video for 'Mid90s'

Frank in Illegal Civ Mid90s Video.gif

Jonah Hill’s film Mid90s was released in October 2018, but promotion for the film continues on during the new year’s award season.

Frank Ocean was spotted hanging out with Jonah Hill in a new video from Illegal Civilization, which can be seen below.

Hill told The Breakfast Club and Complex last year that Frank sat in on the first screening of Mid90s with Hill’s sister Beanie Feldstein and Q-Tip. It’s safe to assume that this video was shot on the same occasion.

Jonah Hill: You're someone that I consider a close friend and also one of my inspirations in life. It's a very interesting friendship because there are many layers to it. You know?

Q-Tip: Yes. My brother. 

JH: You are my brother. You, my sister, and Frank Ocean—you were the first three people to watch a rough cut of the film. Do you remember that?

QT: Yes, of course. That shit is so dope, man. When’s the movie coming?

Frank appears at 00:35

Mid90s is available digitally now.