Justin Timberlake compares Frank Ocean to Bob Dylan in new Beats 1 interview

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 regarding his new album Man Of The Woods, Justin Timberlake spoke briefly on Frank Ocean, comparing him to Bob Dylan. Skip to 6:43 in the video above.

ZL: I wonder who is your favorite vocalist alive today? Who's the person who kills you?

JT: Alive?

ZL: It's hard for me to get past Frank. Like I struggle...

JT: Frank is phenomenal

ZL: I mean to me, when he when he sings, I just become drawn into his world.

JT: Well Frank's like like this great R&B singer and Bob Dylan at the same time, you know? The expression and the honesty that comes through, you know? You talk about a person that writes in a Rubik's Cube of cryptic material, but the emotion of the vocal gives you a glimpse into how genius the lyrics are. It's almost like everything with the lyrics is so cerebral but everything with his voices is all heart.

This bit comes from part two of the interview on YouTube.