Buddy Ross assembles music video for "Running Around"

During a trip home for the holidays, Buddy Ross put together a nostalgic video collage for his single "Running Around."

I put some old footage of my family, their cats, their Datsuns to my song Running Around. Hope u like

"Running Around" was sampled by Frank Ocean twice on Blonde, specifically on two interludes called "Be Yourself" and "Facebook Story." Ross wrote the track in 2013 and lent it to Frank unfinished. It took on a new life as the instrumental bed to the singer's skits and the introduction music to all of Frank's live performances in 2017.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Buddy briefly mentioned hearing the song on the album for the first time.

There’s one thing I did the first day I was in with him back in 2013. That was so long ago, but then hearing the record when it came out, he uses that repeating theme through all the interludes and closing out the record—like, under “Be Yourself” and “Facebook Story.” I almost forgot I had given that to him and it ended up being a recurring theme, which is super cool. Just to hear it on the day it came out, being in there.

Buddy Ross has been playing keyboard in Frank's band since SNL in 2012. You can read more information about the pair's history here.