Lonny Breaux signs with Tricky Stewart's Redzone Records


Lonny Breaux has signed with Tricky Stewart's new label RedZone Records according the Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer in a new interview with Georgia Music.

Any up-and-coming artists you’re working with that we should keep our eyes out for?

One of my favorite new talents is this guy Lonnie Breaux. He’s really great, with a style somewhere between Maxwell, Robin Thicke and Kanye West. He’s this fresh, young, 21-year-old hip-hop poet with an amazing singing voice, and he blends all these different styles seamlessly. There’s also Bryan J, a charming 22-year-old kid with this great swagger about him. He’s like The-Dream’s little cousin, dancing and singing like Tevin Campbell, with fun music and a young look that the girls love. Both of these guys write their own music too, which is a plus.

UPDATE 7/30/2010: Tricky had more to say in another interview with Songwriter Universe.

DK: Tell me about your company Redzone Entertainment. Are you looking to discover and sign artists?

Stewart: Redzone is our overall company – it’s a production company, and we have Redzone Records, which is distributed by Island/Def Jam. We’ve signed two artists that we’re excited about: Bryan J and Lonny Breaux.

DK: What are some of the goals that you still want to accomplish?

Stewart: I want to accomplish what Quincy Jones and L.A. Reid did – not just producing hit records, but building a record label and breaking artists. I want to be known for breaking a couple of global stars. My quest for Redzone Entertainment is to be known for developing and breaking artists. I’m excited about the two artists that we’ve signed to Redzone – our artist Bryan J is coming with a single in October. Bryan has a young fun sound, and he also has great ballads. We’re aso setting things up to break Lonny Breaux. Lonny is an incredible talent – he’s a hip-hop child who’s soulful, and he has a lot of intellect. He really touches people with his music.