Travis Scott releases 'Astroworld'


Travis Scott has released his long-awaited album Astroworld today. Among the star-studded and highly speculated tracklisting, Frank Ocean is featured on one track.

Frank is credited on "Carousel" as Christopher Breaux. Listen to the track and find the full tracklist for Astroworld below.

  1. Stargazing

  2. Carousel (feat. Frank Ocean)

  3. Sicko Mode (feat. Drake, Swae Lee)

  4. R.I.P. Screw

  5. Stop Trying To Be God

  6. No Bystanders (feat. Juice WRLD)

  7. Skeletons (feat. Tame Impala, The Weeknd, & Pharrell)

  8. Wake Up (feat. The Weeknd)

  9. 5% Tint

  10. NC-17

  11. Astrothunder

  12. Yosemite (feat. Nav, Gunna)

  13. Can't Say

  14. Who? What! (feat. Migos)

  15. Butterfly Effect

  16. Houstonfornication

  17. Coffee Bean

Frank's parts from "Carousel":

Brand new, brand new
This new place I got to
New world, new sky
That's so blue, it's black too
New growth, new growth
All these fakes I outgrew
Blue bands, blue bands
Get my cash from drive-thru
Boy you're too flash, too flash
Keep the flash minimal
Bitch, I'm too cold, too cold
See my breath visible

Open his eyes, don't need to move in slow
Even though the speed got old
This perc and methamphetamines
On the D's, like the snow
But they soap
I'm a new species that swings on a rope
Come to reach, and it's broke
Got springs like a tote
Show for free, in the tuck
Shock you, drown like, brown, white diamonds
Carats (yah)
Copy sound, might got two wings, parrot (alright!)
Landing down, went and caught two wings (it's lit!)
Tryna scrape, but the stage, two wings (yeah, yeah!)
Better pray, better pray in two wings (straight up!)