Unused single artwork indicates possible alternate release strategy for Blonde

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Kia Tasbihgou is a type designer living and working in London. At some point prior to the release of Blonde in August of 2016, he was given the go-ahead to work on a series of pieces for several singles including "Chanel," which wouldn't be released until after the album had been released.

The list of singles is as follows:

  1. "Nikes" — S1 - BDC

  2. "White Ferrari" — S2 BDC

  3. "Ivy" — S3 BDC

  4. "Nights" — S4 BDC

  5. "Self Control" — S5 BDC

  6. "Both Sides" —S6 BDC

It is possible that "Both Sides" was an early title for "Chanel" which debuted during blonded 002 this month. The artwork was never used in any official capacity.