Endless is officially released in physical formats

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After several months of production delays, copies of Frank Ocean's visual album Endless has been delivered in physical form.

VHS copies arrived in February and contained the same audio-visual component we saw on Apple Music. The CD, which arrived to some customers today revealed a slightly altered mix with an official tracklisting which appears as follows:

  1. At Your Best (You Are Love)

  2. Alabama

  3. Mine

  4. Unity

  5. A Certain Way

  6. Comme Des Garçons

  7. Xenons

  8. Honeybaby

  9. Wither

  10. Hublots

  11. In Here Somewhere

  12. Slide On Me

  13. Sideways

  14. Florida

  15. Impietas + Deathwish

  16. Rushes

  17. Rushes To

  18. Higgs

  19. Mitsubishi Sony

Differences to the mix have been noted. Most obviously, "Device Control" has been removed from the beginning and end of the record. Furthermore, "Comme des Garçons" has vocals from Rita Zebdi that were credited on the visual album, but not previously heard. "Higgs" and "Mitsubishi Sony" are both reportedly extended, but neither feature new lyrics. Same goes with "Alabama" and "Hublots."

Find more details about this merch drop as well as photos of the VHS, Vinyl, and CDs here.

Editor's Note: This story is developing as copies are delivered and played.