Frank Ocean w/ Odd Future at Highland Ballroom - New York City, NY (5/13/2011)

Frank Ocean Highline Ballroom NYC 2011-5-13.jpg

Frank Ocean joined his Odd Future pals in NYC last night to perform pieces of three of his own tracks as well as "She" with Tyler, the Creator.

Midway through the set, Frank appeared to sing the introduction to "American Wedding," "Novacane," and "Lovecrimes" before Tyler returned to perform "Yonkers."

Setlist via

  1. Sandwitches (Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats)

  2. Splatter (MellowHype)

  3. TANGGOLF (Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats)

  4. Forest Green (Mike G)

  5. GoMikeG (Mike G)

  6. igotagun (MellowHype)

  7. Seven (Tyler, The Creator - acapella)

  8. Supermarket (Domo Genesis, Tyler, The Creator)

  9. Rolling Papers (Domo Genesis, Tyler, The Creator)

  10. American Wedding (intro) (Frank Ocean)

  11. Novacane/Lovecrimes (Frank Ocean)

  12. Yonkers (Tyler, The Creator)

  13. Tron Cat (Tyler, The Creator)

  14. She (Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean)

  15. French! (Tyler, The Creator)

  16. Transylvania (Tyler, The Creator)

  17. Bitch Suck Dick (Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Taco)

  18. Fuck the Police (MellowHype, Tyler, The Creator)

  19. Radicals (Tyler, The Creator)

Watch the performances below.

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