Melody Ehsani posts short interview with Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean and Melody Ehsani.jpg

Melody Ehsani is a fashion designer who has recently spent some time with Frank Ocean. In a short interview for her newsletter, Frank talks about what he likes to wear, who he's crushing on, and how his process works.

Melody Ehsani: Describe your style in three words.

Frank Ocean: “Dependent on Mirror”

ME: What are you listening to right now?

FO: “I’m in the car listening to “Still I Rise” by Tupac“

ME: What’s your earliest memory of knowing you were going to be a singer/artist?

FO: “I don’t know, but the first song I ever sang was “Whip Appeal” by Babyface.”

ME: Who are you currently crushing on?

FO: “There’s a book by this photographer, Alasdair McLellan called Ultimate [Clothing] Company. There’s this guy in it with “Georgie” tattoed on his chest that just came to mind rn (right now).”

ME: Where do you feel most like yourself and why?

FO: “My ego really shines on mushrooms. Honestly, God knows why.”

ME: What role does jewelry play in your wardrobe?

FO: “A more permanent role maybe. I don’t change ‘em up much. I’ve got a few watches, but I just wear one until I get tired of it. I only wear pieces I can swim/shower in. I wear Rolexes because I remember I used to want one so bad when I was broke. I bought a nice lil Jaeger [LeCoultre] Reverso just because it looked like something my granddad would’ve copped, but [in the] future. I’ve got a couple [of] chains and a couple [of] small pendants I designed myself. My favorite is a rose gold floating island in emeralds, diamonds and sapphires – which is also a tattoo I got on me.”

ME: You’re among the rare ones who have created your own path, what can you tell us about this process?

FO: “I’m just hard-headed. I listen, but I don’t hear people sometimes. I try to do me to the fullest.”

ME: Do you have any daily rituals? If so what?

FO: “I run in the morning – usually sprints. I write every morning, check email – standard vibes.”

ME: How do you stay grounded and inspired?

FO: “I spend time with my little brother, which I don’t do enough of, and watching documentaries on animals doing cute things.”

ME: What is your motto right now?

FO: “Memento mori.” [meaning: remember (that you have) to die, Latin]