Frank Ocean's Tumblr hacked

frank hack.png

Following a number of posts made on Frank Ocean’s Tumblr account, it appears the blog has indeed been hacked.

This throws into question the legitimacy of the previous posts. Based on the limited information available to us, we believe the entire string of posts were part of the hacker’s stunt. Let’s walk it through.

The hacker, SpirDark, is known to be associated with the now defunct It is this hacker that leaked the demo version of “Nights.” SpirDark also has also been attached to leaks of material from Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar, and more artists on Top Dawg Entertainment.

The “Nights” demo that the hacker leaked was reportedly the version sent to Kendrick Lamar for a potential feature. It is conceivable, based on their track record, that if there is a collaboration between Frank and any TDE artists, SpirDark is likely to have access to it.


Post #1:

“? (2019) ? (2019) ? (2020)”

Nebulous and unspecific. This would be enough to start drawing attention to the blog.

Post #2:


SZA and Kendrick Lamar are both signed by TDE, a label in which SpirDark specializes in leaking unreleased tracks.

Post #3:


Realistically too self-referential for Frank Ocean, who prefers subtlety.

Post #4:


A photo of a Mac computer screen with the new song’s presumed title, but also a zip folder referencing TDE artist Isaiah Rashad.

Post #5:

“that pussy got a spell on you”

A lyric from Kendrick Lamar’s song “Computer Love,” which SpirDark leaked a snippet for prior to its official release.

Post #6:

““SpirDark”. 2019 Comeback (soon). Nobody is safe. Email me if you’re interested in buying unreleased Frank songs.”

SpirDark claims credit for the hack, seeks buyer for unreleased Frank Ocean material.

Post #7:

”If this post gets 25,000 likes I will release the Frank Ocean song featuring andre, kendrick and sza (it’s a legit song)”

SpirDark is likely correct in the assertion that a collaboration between these artists exists in some form. When that will be heard is yet unverified.

UPDATE: It appears we were correct. All of this morning’s posts were removed from Frank’s Tumblr.