Tyler, The Creator talks "911" in 'Flower Boy' documentary


In a new documentary directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler, The Creator) and hosted by Jerrod Carmichael, Tyler breaks down the record in detail. 

About 6 minutes in, the conversation turns to "911," a track that Frank Ocean appears on.

Tyler: I made that. I remember I made that bridge. It was just the beat and I remember stopping like...'I made the bridge I always wanted to make.'

Lonny came by, or Frank, however people know him, and he came by and I played it for him and he was like 'let me go in there and just try something.' He just starts making phone noises and it worked out so perfectly and we kept it.

Jerrod: Was it longer?

Tyler: No. I was like I'm just gonna give n****as 8 bars of these chords just so they could want it and want to replay it and left it at that.

It's a short clip, but you can listen to the conversation below. The part quoted above starts at about 5:30. If you missed it, check out Tyler's interview with Zane Lowe as well.

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